Profitable Menu Management

Our Restaurant POS Software has menu management system which gives you the flexibility to manage the food menu by knowing top selling items, non-selling items & short expiry items as per the varied needs of your guests. You can categorize your restaurant menu into various groups and subgroups smoothly. Modify the selling price of the items on daily basis with easily create seasonal combo meals packs for various occasions. It enables you to design a distinct menu for special events, seasons or even days with customization for the most minute details.

Restaurant POS System
Restaurant POS Software

Table Management System

Our Restaurant POS System lets you make an optimal use of your restaurant management. Simple dashboard lets you track all your table orders - which is occupied & available by the graphical representation of your restaurant's layout. Detailed representations becomes very simple for the servers to provide prompt service. You can oversee the status of every tables are served, unattended or unoccupied in your Restaurant, Bar and Cafe. This gives you the complete picture of the serving scenario of your restaurant right at your dashboard of our POS system.

Customized POS System to Manage Billing Operations

Our reliable POS System for your restaurant management is essential to run easy billing operations in which you can choose from top-tier payment partners, get an integrated payments solution and also settle bills via multiple payment options such as cash, cheque, debit/credit card and more. It calls for utmost accuracy and perfection at every point. Additionally, it also allows you to carry on operations like manually adding removing items and modifiers in an order, editing or exempting taxes on a bill, cancel charges, splitting or merging invoices between two tables and so much more for your restaurant's needs. Our POS software can be seamlessly integrated with your hotel PMS, thus you can directly post the restaurant bill to guest folio and enhance the guest experience exponentially.

Convenient Reporting of POS System

Pure Automate's Restaurant POS System provides detailed analytics of all the parameters of your Restaurant, Bar and Cafe within a few seconds. You can customize all the reports in sync with your requirements. Be it the most popular dishes or the most profitable days- you get all the data you need with our detailed reports to make better business decisions in future. It also lets you track and manage various staff schedule, activities and labor costs to ensure the smooth functioning of your Restaurant, Bar and Cafe.

Restaurant Management Software

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