Interactive Digital Restaurant Menu

Digitalize the restaurant menu board from Pure Automate’s user-friendly and easy-to-use various menu groups and subgroups along with restaurant, bar and cafe info like current offers, chef's special, pictures of food items and more- right on the dashboard.

Integration with Restaurant POS Software

With best of cloud technology, Pure Automate seamlessly integrates with your Restaurant POS Software and provide accurate billing, efficient service and enhancement of the overall customer's dining experience.

Streamline your Order Management

Pure Automate's exclusive menu & ordering management system taking orders directly from customer tablet menu and integrate directly with your POS to streamline the ordering process!

Interactive Kitchen Management System

Pure Automate offers you cloud-based connectivity with your Kitchen Management System, Streamlining all your orders like no orders are missed or entered more than once and live order display enables you to prepare dishes in the right order.

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Seamless Integration with Restaurant Management System

Pure Automate seamlessly integrated direct with your restaurant POS system. So, placed orders straight from customer to kitchen instantly and update into the POS system also. While any change you enter on the POS menu is immediately reflected on the tablet menu as well. This not only leads to accurate billing and efficient service but overall enhances the dining the experience.

Our digital menu allows you to add descriptions and modifiers for the each item allowing guests to modify items whichever way they want. It can be configured with any major POS System and offers unparalleled connectivity with Pure Echo, our in-house Restaurant Management Solution.

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Table Management System

Our table management is one of the key factors of smooth restaurant management system. You can customize your table orders from anywhere in the web panel with all your data and stored securely in the cloud.

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Benefits with Cloud based Pure iMenu - Digital Menu Application

24*7 Support

Avoid Manual Process

Real time Intimation in Kitchen

N Level of Modifiers Creations