All in one Kitchen Management

Pure Automate's Kitchen Display System keep tracking of Tables, Orders, Cooking, Managing Stock, Choosing Suppliers, Overseeing Costs, Training and Building Teams, Serve and Billing system for managing incoming orders more effectively.

World-class Customer Service

Our Kitchen Management Software is seamlessly integrated with your restaurant POS as well as the kitchen display menu. So, real-time order placed on the Menu App is automatically updated on the POS as well as the KMS and removing unnecessary or completed orders from table to kitchen, which saves time, improves accuracy and enriches guest experience.

Kitchen Display System

Interactive Digital Menu

Digital Menu Software allows you to customize the menu, easier for customer’s navigation, add descriptions and modifiers with complete suite of Restaurant Technology.

Restaurant POS Integration

Pure Automate's Kitchen Management Software is compatible with any Restaurant, Hotel, Bar & Cafe POS System in which you can quickly look up items with quick search feature.

Order Management System

Our Software allows customers to specify any special requests for the items which they ordered, common requests and reduces errors related to items with complete billing process.

Quick Search Order History

You can quickly search the Dishes which helps customers find their favourite foods among different items with cost and description right at their fingertips from display menu.

Easily Manage Whole Kitchen

Our Kitchen Display System allow you to quick view of unprepared dishes for ordering items reviewed by your kitchen head which makes easy to managing the Kitchen or its Staff.

Online Ordering to Pick Up Success

Today, Online ordering is the next logical step in customer service for the restaurant industry. With Pure Automate, any orders placed online can be automatically routed to kitchen display system's screens without requiring a staff member to manually re-enter the order into the POS system. So, all orders are fully integrated into your operations, increases the pace of orders and nothing is lost in the shuffle. It's easier to increases the efficiency and accuracy of take-out orders and allows restaurateurs to track sales patterns and customize trending market strategies.

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