Housekeeping Software Overview

Pure Automates Housekeeping Software includes all housekeeping services Integrated with the smart PMS. The software facilitates all service operations like room status, forecasting housekeeping requirements, making daily housekeeping scheduling tasks faster. An advanced PMS allows you to make your staff clear about their day-to-day duties and you will have an exact idea about the workings of your hotel's hospitality department.

Multiple Properties

Effortless Task Management

Pure Automates Hotel Housekeeping Software can be smoothly integrated with your Property Management System. You can assign tasks to the individual staff members of the housekeeping department. Every housekeeping staff has their own Rooms, Blocks and Floors list of work. Staff can check the room status before entering the guest. You can manage unlimited housekeeping staff and works with reporting issues, common problems and add or remove staff members.

Housekeeping Work Resources

Pure Automates housekeeping software can automatically create a cleaning schedule every day for each housekeeper based on the number of dirty rooms, estimated clean time per rooms. Print daily cleaning schedule for each housekeeper. This will decrease the workload of your tasks assignments by easily tracking the rooms from dirty to ready for guest check in for timely completion in the hotel's housekeeping system. You will be able to focus on making the room as welcoming as possible for the newly arriving guests.

Automate Room Updates

An outstanding software for Housekeeping lets you keep track of your every room status. You can quickly mark a room need to be cleaned after a check out so that the housekeeping department can attend to it immediately. Once the room is cleaned, the staff can update it cleaned from their end. This ensures a continuous, uninterrupted workflow which raises the quality of your housekeeping services and also gives a speed boost to the housekeeping work. Prompt and timely services go a long way in establishing your hotel as a reliable and trustworthy brand.

Quick Installation

Pure Automates housekeeping software is super flexible and easy to set up. It works on cloud base so you don't need to worry about your data loses. The software runs in web browser, just login with your credentials and you are ready to use the housekeeping system. Because of its Integration with PMS system, you can promote seamless and definite communication between not only the housekeeping department and your entire hotel staff. Best choice for your Hotel and Hospitality Management System.

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