• Front Desk

    At any given time, the front office is the first point of contact at your hotel. Allowing you to offer the best guest experience, Pure Automate Front Desk System is all about ease of use and all the important functionalities available just on the click of a button.

    Front Desk
    • Registration Card

      It is crucial for all hotels to keep a record of all the necessary guest information, including ID proofs and contact details in the form of a registration card. For this, you can either take the time-consuming manual approach or let our hotel PMS do the work for you. Pure Automate will create the registration cards for all the daily check-ins, all you have to do get your guest to sign it.

      Additionally, adhering to different rules in different parts of the world, we will customize our solution for your needs.

    • Check-in

      Booking ranging from reservations, walk-ins and auto check-in to group check-ins, our online PMS effortlessly takes care of your check-in functions. Not to forget, it also manages all the miscellaneous activities such as charge configuration like early check-in and late checkout, key card generation, guest notification via SMS/email, printing registration cards/receipts/vouchers/invoices as per guest request and so much more.

    • Day Check-in

      Aiding travellers who need rooms just for a few hours, Pure Automate property management software offers the unique day check-in feature. This allows you to allocate a room to the guests checking out on the same day. As a result, you can book the same room for another guest later, generating more revenue at little cost.

    • Check-out

      Guest check-out is the last but certainly one of the most significant components of guest's stay at your hotel. The kind of service you provide at check-out will determine if that guest will come back or not. Be it single check-out, group check-out, express check-outs or auto check-out, our hotel front desk system covers everything. From late charges, folio transfers and billing to accepting and converting multiple currencies, all you need to do is sit back, relax and serve your guests.

    • Cancellations and No Shows

      Gone are the days where you have to manually manage cancellation and update the bookings of the guests that don't show up at all. With our online hotel software, you can easily manage all that with a click of a button and your hotel inventory would seamlessly be updated on all your booking sources, including all your connected OTAs as well as your own website. Not to forget, it will also levy the cancellation/no-show fees as per your hotel policies.

    • Room Move and Stay amendments

      Let your staff easily operate essential tasks like the change of a room or offering rewards to guests from anywhere in the system. As we mentioned earlier, regardless of how minute the update is, our cloud property management software will immediately update your inventory across all connected channels, making sure you don't miss out any booking.

    • Complimentary rooms

      Be it a celebrity, a contest winner or an influencer, you can assign complimentary rooms to anybody you please without any confusion in the billing operations. Complimentary rooms are allocated with zero rates saving your staff from complications while doing the audits or balancing your daily transactions.

    • Night Audit

      Being a crucial element of the hotel business, night audits accumulates all the activities included in operating a hotel. Utilizing the wizard process, our online hotel PMS gives you a step by step review of the night audit and automatically assembles and verifies the daily operations of the hotel. As per your requirement, the night audit feature can be automated or used manually as well.

  • Tracking Audit Trials

    Not as charismatic but tracking audit trial records is the silent partner of running a hotel. Recording each and every transaction, our hotel software provides several automated as well as manual audit trail reports like night Audit Trials, Room Rate Audit Trails and much more.

    Additionally, as the system keeps a record of every transaction, you can even know the exact time and date of the process taking place and who triggered it as well. As a result, this keeps your staff on their toes, reducing avoidable human errors are well.

    Track Audit Trials
  • Group Booking Management

    Group bookings are the most confusing and are driven with human errors. Comprehending that, our online hotel software offers you a swift check-in module which helps you manage those difficult group bookings as easily as a single booking. Be it group check-in or check out, group payments or even amending the entire group stay, with Pure Automate, it's a piece of cake.

    Group Booking Management

    Various Advantages Of Group Management Feature

    • You can swiftly copy guest details to all the rooms allocated to the group.

    • You can distinguish group bookings with the help of the colour labelling and establish adequate communication with the entire group.

    • With the help of the auto-rooming module, you can systematically yet speedily allocate rooms to all group members.

    • You can add charges to the group owner along with the individual folios as well as Company folios.Additionally, you can also add the charges to corporate as well as personal accounts.

    • Get the group booking deposit data from the master folio.

    • When required, you can promptly mark the entire group as No Show or even cancel the booking for the entire group and levy the cancellation charges.

    • Hassle free adding, removing or changing of rooms for the entire group.

    • Receive group proformas and invoices in multiple currencies and manage entire group payments- all from a single screen.

  • Powerful Revenue Management

    Enhancing profit at a quick pace is the end goal of all hoteliers. Thus, with our Hotel Software, you get the most dynamic revenue optimization tool that allows you to escalate your sales by selling the right room at the right time at the correct price to yield maximum revenue.

    Revenue Management
  • Multiple Properties: One Solution

    Managing multiple properties is easier than ever. Our hotel management system integrates all your connected properties and gives to segregated data on a single panel.

    Multiple Properties
  • Dynamic pre-arrival, in-house & post-departure emails

    Empower your guest engagement using our powerful email marketing module. Utilizing the service you can send various pre-arrival, in-house & post-departure emails to your guest, promoting various hotel services like the spa or to even collect guest feedback and more. This establishes a note of personal communication with the guest and builds guest loyalty.

    Dynamic emails
  • Reservation Center

    We aim to provide one touch solution to all your hotel needs. Thus, through our easy to use reservation system, you take care of all important hotel operations right from the dashboard. With the help of instant check availability feature, we offer you multiple unique views of your property's complete information including roommates and information on vacant or occupied rooms. As a result, you can easily track and maintain all your hotel reservations while providing quick and excellent service.

    Reservation Center
    • Check availability with Stay View

      With trouble free system, the stay view User Interface provides instant details of the hotel such as current room status, future availability of rooms, information on out of order rooms, future bookings and much more.

    • Reservation Management

      Efficiently tracking and managing reservation is the heart and soul of a hotel business. With the help of our easy to use hotel software, hotel reservation management is a piece of cake.

    • Single Window Reservation Search

      Understanding all your needs, our property management solution collects and combines all the reservation details while displaying the most accurate search results. As a result, you can efficiently carry out guest inquiries with absolute surety.

    • Guest Profiling

      Preserving all your guest details such as their favourite room or breakfast choices, the guest profiling feature of Automate, aids you to offer outstanding personalized service to returning guest.

    • Reservation Release Policies

      In case a guest fails to pay the deposit amount to book the room prior to his arrival/ committed dated, you can set the system to automatically release the reservation. As a result, you can book the room for other guest and without losing revenue.

  • Everything about Charges, invoices and payments

    Owing to the hassle free system of our Property management system, you can now easily post extra charges on guest folios, generate invoices in different currencies and so much more.

    Charges, Invoices and Payments
    • Room Charge

      As an A to Z automated solution, our Property Managmenet System automatically posts the room tariff along with the configured taxes immediately after the booking is created. Be it a single stay or group booking, the charges seamlessly are posted to the guest/room folio at the completion of the night audit.

    • Extra Charges

      Now easily configure and add multiple charges to guest folio for various services availed by your guest. You can either post these charges manually or automate the process to automatically post the charges to guest folio.

    • Post Payment Anytime Till Checkout

      Our hotel PMS allows your guest to pay for their room anytime- prior to arrival, during the stay or directly at checkout. In case of corporate guests where the accounts are settled by the company, you can transfer the balance to city ledger accounts which in turn creates the accounts receivable file.

    • Accept Multiple Payments

      Along with posting several charge entries to a single guest folio, our system also allows you to accept break payments. Which means, your guest can make a partial payment by a credit card and part by cash, other cards or a different currency.

    • Deposit Tracking

      The cloud hotel system allows you to accept payments prior the guest arrival in terms of a deposit. In cases where the guest has paid an advance deposit, our solution automatically creates the invoices and merges the deposit amount with the current stay.

    • Integration with Accounting Software

      Numerous fiscal operations are carried out in the hotel day in day out. Quick audits and accurate data and analysis gives you a clear understanding of your hotel’s various financial operations. To meet all the impending requirements of the hoteliers, along with the accurate data and analysis of all types of hotel transactions, Pure Automate offers streamlined integration with all types of third-party accounting software. With us, you can manage your accounts on the go.

  • Report Analysis

    Reports are absolutely necessary to analyze the hotel's performance, identify areas to improve and make informed decisions. With the help of our best property management software, you can get a wide range of important reports including current occupancy, revenue, housekeeping, inventory distribution reports and more.

    Report Analysis
  • Access Control For Multiple User Accounts

    We understand the importance of Data Security. Thus, our PMS allows you the create different accounts and allocate a different level of access to various members of the staff, according to their hierarchy. For example, the housekeeping staff will not have access to the sensitive data like the revenue report and night audits.

    Access control for Multiple Users
  • Travel Agent Commission and Rate Management

    All hotels are associated with several booking partners like Online Travel Agents (OTA), local agents or car rental agencies. Understanding that, our PMS allows you to configure exclusive rates as well as linear and non-linear rates. Moreover, you also get complete details of the commission posted to each associated partner for each booking received along with the number of bookings received from the said source. As a result, you can easily keep a tab of the profit received from each booking minus the commission.

    Travel Agent
  • Seasonal Rate Planning

    Understanding the current demand and available supply, the system automatically advises you the best selling rate, that will ensure maximum revenue for your hotel. Moreover, it gives you complete access to your rate plans allowing you to update the prices at any given time as per the number of seasons spread over multiple years.

    Seasonal Rate Planning

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