What is Channel Management?

Hotel Channel Manager involves to manage Selling, Servicing and Managing Partners who help with the distribution process and managing vendors who keep your internal controls working smoothly. Main purpose is to streamline communication between a business and the customer. Today, it is the best process to reach global audience without risking overbookings.

Pure Automate gives you fully-integrated Channel Management software that allows you to manage all your reservations with global room distribution system in one place with targeting USA, UK, Canada and Global audience. Our hotel channel manager helps you to manage rates, rooms, inventories, travel agents along with your website on all the channels you are connected with.

Our global room distribution system is user-friendly and convenient front office that gives you complete control of your reservations, different kind of inventory management processes with saving a lot of your time and other resources. It also increases your online visibility and helps you carve a name for your own brand.

Hotel Channel Manager

50+ Online Booking Channel Managers

Pure Automate is integrated with more than 50+ online booking Channels and OTAs which manage easily your bookings and reservations fuzz-free.

Real Time Channel Management Software

Our channel management software lets you update Pricing, Booking, Reservation, Cancellation, and Channel Changes with Inventory Management record of every log.

Priority for Privilege Access

Pure Automate's Channel Management Software control over the access of your system and restrict or assign access according to the priority.

Profitable Price Analysis

Our channel management price analysis process keep you update all the channels in real time according to market price and boost up your hotel revenue.

Detailed Analytics & Reports

Pure Automate's hotel channel manager allow you for deep analytics and making perfect report with separate the business backed with accurate data.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Pure Automate's service level agreement meets all your post-sale requirements with quality service and prompt actions. Just get in touch, we handle it from there.

Channel Management Software

Boost your Hotel Revenue from our Best Channel Manager Software

Pure Automate's channel management software allows real-time room inventory access which lets you centralized control of your reservations and bookings across all the channels. Maximize your hotel room bookings by opening up to various channels which you can now manage on a single dashboard effortlessly.

You can also easily freeze your live inventory if there is a need for extra rooms for special events or group bookings. With instant real-time updates, you will rarely run the risk of overbooking integrated with all channels.

Maximize your Hotel Bookings

Pure Automate's hotel channel manager keep updates all your hotel bookings and inventory details online across all your connected OTAs. Our global hotel distribution channels system boost your website bookings, sales and room occupancy.

Precise Hotel Rate Management

Our Hotel Channel Management system ensures real-time price updates and converts currencies instantly across all connected channels.

Multiple Device Supporting

Pure Automate's global room distribution system support multiple devices like mobiles, tablets and desktops which lets you perform channel manager hotel activities on connected OTAs, manage and oversee your bookings and reservations.

Channel Manager Must Need

Our channel manager simplifies managing room availability and rates/packages with competitive published room rates by connecting you to a huge number of channels, OTAs and other inventories in real time!

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