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System Requirements

No. Ours is a cloud-based solution which doesn’t require you to download any special software to use it.

No. Internet connection is an absolute requirement for using Pure Automate PMS.

Free Trials

You get the access to the complete system and its features for your use. You can try each and every feature using the free trial.

Yes, you can cancel your free trial any day you want to. No pressure.

Free Trials

We provide the training absolutely free for the first time you avail our services. We also offer free training for the new features we introduce. After that, we charge a fee.

There are multiple ways to contact the support team.


Yes. Our Property Management system integrates seamlessly with any accounting software or any other software you may require like the Restaurant POS system, Booking Engine or even a Channel Manager.

Yes. You can integrate it with a printer or a keycard scanner as well.


You pay as per your usage. The cost depends on the number of modules you use. Nothing more.

Cloud-based solutions store the data in the cloud. So even if your system crashes or is exposed to external damage like fire or flood, your data is completely safe and secured. You can retrieve it any time you please.