February 4, 2019

How to Automate Daily Hotel Operations with a Hotel PMS

Hotel operations are getting more and more demanding every day. As the competition also keeps on rising, hoteliers need to keep trying to make their guest experience better to stay in business.

Hoteliers are also faced with a constant struggle to make their service in accordance with the guests' expectations. And it is a difficult job.

On top of it, the mundane routine tasks of the hotel are so time-consuming and tedious that they bring down the productivity of the staff. After all, if the staff is busy doing routine updates all the time, how will they be able to provide impeccable guest service?

Here's how a Hotel PMS software can help you automate all your routine tasks and streamline your hotel operations:

How to Automate Daily Hotel Operations with a Hotel PMS

1. Rate Updates

Hotels have a comprehensive pricing structure for various time periods of the year. If your hotel is popular during weekends, it is likely that you have different rates for weekdays and weekends. Put in the rates which are different for different seasons like summers or special occasions like Christmas and New year.

Generally, your staff members will have to keep updating all this information manually every time the change arise.

A hotel management software updates rates automatically for your desired dates accurately once you set them. Even if you want to change rates every weekend, you don't have to worry.

A Hotel PMS software will update the rates in real time so that there is no loss of revenue or misunderstanding or any delay with changing the room rates.

You can have a pre-set pricing strategy in place by which the hotel PMS will assign rates as per days, seasons and events to your hotel room inventory.

2. Bookings and Promotional Emails

Being a hotelier, you must be busy. But no matter you have to keep the communication running with the guests all around the year.

Sending multiple emails to all the guests who ever visit your hotel or who book with you day in day out is a herculean task. But this becomes a cake walk with a Hotel Management software!

Using PMS emails are automatically send to confirm bookings. You can also send promotional emails at regular intervals using a PMS to your customers.
A hotel PMS allows you to keep the communication line open with your guests with minimal efforts on your part.

3.Billing operations

Your hotels' entire billing operations can be automated by using a property management system.

Be it posting charges on folios, managing corporate expenses accounts or adding bills or voiding them- a PMS can do all this for you.

If you have a multi-property business, you can simply integrate the other systems with your hotel PMS. It syncs all the updates.

This way all your software are on the same page, your data is accurate and your service will be streamlined and impeccable.

You get features like night audits and audit logs of every task performed using a PMS to give you accurate data and transparency.

4. Hotel Room inventory Updates

Being a modern hotelier you must have listed your hotel to various travel agencies and online booking websites.

You might also have an Online Booking Engine to get direct bookings on your hotel website.

Now, maintaining all these booking channels manually is going to be difficult. It can also lead to inaccuracy and errors.

But none of these occur if you use a hotel PMS. Your hotel PMS updates the status of your inventory everywhere as soon as a booking is confirmed or a room is available to book.

This ensures that you never lose business and get streamlined bookings and reservations for your hotels.

5. Housekeeping Alerts

Housekeeping is an integral part of the hotel management and a lot depends on cleaning and maintaining the rooms and its services on time.

Your PMS frees you from the hassle of micro-managing your house-keeping staff.

If you use a PMS, the rooms which are checked out will be automatically marked out dirty and will be scheduled for cleaning.

The house-keeping staff will be immediately notified and the rooms will be cleaned in time.

The PMS also helps in tracking the shifts of your housekeeping staff.

Your PMS can also help with the maintenance if your room by reminding the staff about maintenance duties at regular intervals.
All these routine hotel operations and various tasks can be easily automated by using a Hotel PMS software boosting the productivity of your staff, saving your time and even cutting down your labor cost.

To top it off, it gives you accurate audit logs, reports, and analytics of all the operation carried out in your hotel using the hotel PMS. This gives you everything that you could dream of for your hotel management: efficiency, speed, and transparency.

If you are looking for a Property Management system which can give your hotel operations a speed-boost without compromising the efficiency and accuracy of the tasks, then Pure Automate will be the right choice for you.

Hotel Management System

Apart from a hotel management software, Pure ITES also offers Online Booking Engine and Channel Manager. All our hospitality solutions are cloud-based and are designed and developed for optimum efficiency.

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