January 17, 2020

Hostel Management Made Simple with Property Management System

Hostel Management Made Simple with Property Management System
Hostels are the go-to options for the people who are fans of the comfortable yet budget-friendly luxury they offer. Running hostels for these tech-smart young people in this age of technology can seem like a daunting task. But you can take the comfortable route to it with the Property Management system for your Hostels.

Hostel Management Made Simple with Property Management System

Here's how Hostel Management Can be Simplified using a Property Management System:

Rent Beds or Dorms: Whichever way you Roll
The major convenience that hostels offer to people is that they can rent the beds or dorms as per their desires. The PMS offers you complete flexibility in the units of the hostels you want to sell. You can cater to any of these market requirements and customize the rooms and sell the space as per beds or dorms any time you want.

Set Major Upselling Goals & achieve them
Selling beds and dorms is fine, but if you are offering many other comfort-enhancing services such as breakfast, free wifi or workout tools for people, a PMS upsells them for you. Get more profits out of your hostel property with Hostel Management System.

Open your Hostel Doors to the Online Bookings
A PMS seamlessly connects you with the world's major booking engines such as Hostelworld and Booking.com with real-time updates. Put your property out on all major booking channels and offer your hostel for instant bookings. Make online booking an everyday event with the interconnectivity between your hostel Management System and Booking Engines.

Make the Most of Your Property with Dynamic Pricing
When it comes to making maximum profits during the peak seasons, dynamic pricing can make your dreams come true. The range of your price is inversely proportional to the availability of your beds and dorms with dynamic pricing settings. Simply put, this makes the price of our beds go up as the number of your available beds goes down. It's an automatic solution for optimizing your returns during peak seasons and group bookings, all with a few clicks.

Design Attractive Deals & Packages
A flexible rate management system that comes in-built in your PMS allows you to design attractive deals and packages for your customers. It allows you to offer competitive pricing on group bookings and provide value-added offers for short-term as well as long term stays. This one system will aid you in satisfying all the pricing needs of your diverse clientele.

Apart from these business-enhancing benefits, a PMS offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to manage the day-to-day administration of your hostel with quick speed and accuracy that your customers will love. This one system can be used to efficiently manage multi-chains of hostels as well which boosts the productivity of your staff. To top it all, you can generate customized reports of every aspect of your hostels such as sales, revenues, expenditure and many more for using the data to move your business ahead.

A PMS for your hostel management is indispensable for the successful growth in this digital age. Pure ITES offers cloud-based as well as a desktop-based Property Management system for your hostels. Reach out to us for revolutionizing your property with business-boosting hostel management digital tools.

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