February 26, 2020

Handle the House Keeping Department like a pro with a Hotel PMS System

The house-keeping department can easily be considered as the backbone of a hotel as without this department, it will be completely impossible to have a functional hotel business. Thus having a strong grip and efficiency in maintaining and monitoring the house-keeping services of your hotel is extremely crucial for your business.


Owing to the busy schedules of the staff members of your hotels, it is likely that there may be miscommunication between your other staff departments and the house-keeping department, which may lead to some huge fiasco.

For instance, if person checkouts earlier and the house-keeping department are not informed, it is likely that if some other guest arrives for early check-in, he or she may find the room unclean or may have to wait for the house-keeping department to finish their work.

Such situations in the hotel business can result in a bad reputation, lower customer satisfaction, and may even make you more likely to lose business to your customers. A single house-keeping blunder can cause mayhem for your hotel business in these times of social media complaints and online reviews.

But if you have a hotel management system which takes care of your house-keeping department, you need not worry about such accidents. As you or your hotel manager can easily monitor the tasks of your Hotel's House-keeping department using your PMS system, regardless of your location. You will have the details of the entire department under your control in your Hotel PMS System.

A person with the proper privileges of the PMS system will also be able to assign tasks to various members of the house-keeping department and also other departments of your hotel if you require to do so. You will have the facility to assign different tasks as well as allocate specific time periods for each task which allows you to determine the productivity of your staff members. This makes your staff more accountable for their time and increases the efficiency of your hotel.

The house-keeping duties primarily consist of keeping the hotel rooms neat, clean and ready for the arrival of guests. This is often to be done in record time between the check-out of a former occupant and the check-in of the new occupant of the room. A PMS can be set to send out notifications in real-time for the cleaning services which ensure that your rooms are always guest-ready.

Hotel Management System

Apart from cleaning, your house-keeping staff is also required to replace the necessary inventory in your rooms once a guest check-outs. You can also monitor the inventory used by your house-keeping staff and maintain complete transparency in the inventory management of your hotel. This also keeps you notified about the number of items of the inventory present in your hotel so that you never run out of any item that causes your guest inconvenience.
Thus the complete management of your hotel's housekeeping staff is under your fingers with a PMS system. If you want one such advanced and efficient house-keeping management feature for your hotel feature, Pure ITES is the right choice to make for efficient hotel management tools.

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