February 8, 2019

Does your Hotel ensure Guests' Security?

When people book with you, they take the risk to trust you and your hotel. When they come over to stay with you, they expect that you ensure the security of their belongings, their details, and their privacy.

In times when unexpected violence, security breaches, and data hackings you have to be vigilant about providing a safe and secure environment for your guests.

Learn how you can double-check the security of your hotel.

Does your Hotel ensure Guests' Security?

1. Train your Staff

If you want to create a safe and secure environment in your hotel to promote the safety of your guests, then you must start with training your staff.

If you train your staff well before time for any form of security breach- digital or local, they will know what to do if it actually occurs. This will go a long way in maintaining peace and order in your hotel.

Also, let your staff check suspicious activities immediately and report to higher authorities as soon as possible.

Whichever department they belong to, be it the house-keeping staff or the waiting staff, you need to give them proper guidelines to investigate suspicious conduct and report them to higher authorities immediately.

2. Proper Security Systems

Your hotel must have a robust security system in place to monitor all the activities in the hotel.

Security cameras should be present whenever needed. The hotel staff must scan guests, visitors, staff members, everyone alike for weapons or dangerous objects.

Preventive measures must be taken to prevent hazards like fire and accidents. Proper guidelines must be given for safety during calamities like floods and earthquakes.

If your location is an earthquake-prone area you must inform your guests about it before they arrive.

If proper measures are taken on time, all kind of calamities can be dealt with ease.

3. Ensure Cyber Security

Hotel management is deeply entwined with technology nowadays.

Now that bookings, reservations, and even payments are made online, there is a higher threat to your guests' personal information and data.

There are also laws like GDPR which you must follow for ensuring the safety of your guest's data.

To make sure the guests' data is not compromised from the hotel systems, use a Property management system which gives you the authority to give privileged access to certain areas. You can restrict the access anytime without disturbing the workflow.

Also, have your data saved on the cloud so that no external threats can affect your data.

4. Have a record of everything

Thefts can be prevented easily if you make the simple habit of keeping track of everything.

You can track your inventory, your cash as well the check-ins and checkouts of your guests. Digital keys go a long way in helping you with these.

Your financial transactions, as well the other hotel operations, can be tracked by using a PMS system which has an audit log of your entire hotel operations carried out using the system.

Being aware can prevent you from unnecessary hassle later.

5. Educate your Guests

As a hotelier, you will do all you can to ensure your guests' safety and security. Even the hotel staff will have the guests' well being as their priority.

But many times guests don't have enough or zero information about the threats or accidents which may occur.

You can have a safety guidelines handbook given to every guest who arrives at your hotel. You can also provide a list of guidelines on your hotel website.

If you can show your guests a safety guidelines video so that they know what to do if and when any suspicious situation arises.

Your hotel guests' safety must be a hotel's priority.

Does your Hotel ensure Guests' Security?

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