March 14, 2019

Digital Marketing Guide to Increase Business For Small Hotels

Digital Marketing has started taking precedence over the traditional form of marketing.

As people spend more time immersed in the digital world, Digital Marketing is becoming more profitable for hotel business owners all over the world.

Different types of Digital Marketing tactics can be used to promote your hotel, get more business and build your hotel's brand.

 Here's how these Digital Marketing tactics can be used to generate more business for your hotel:

Digital Marketing Guide to Increase Business For Small Hotels

 1. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience directly.

Your email marketing strategy should have effective subject lines, and it should be simple. You don't want to waste your potential customers time.

Make sure that your email has one (only one!) clear Call-to-Action. CTAs increase click-through rates by 28%.

Also, personalization is important. Personalize your emails and make better impressions on your customers.

 2. Social Media Marketing

Do you know people spend up to 2 hours and 15 minutes every day on social media? Social media is the place to be if you want to capture people's attention.

Facebook and Instagram can give you direct bookings for your hotels. Facebook's Book Now button is really useful for hoteliers as Facebook has the maximum number of users.

Make sure to create engaging posts for your social media users and invite your guests to post user-generated content.

Social Media marketing will get bring more spread awareness of your hotel brand, get you more followers and bring more bookings for your hotel.

 3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is very important to build yourself as an expert in the niche of hotels and your location.

There are many ways to go ahead in content marketing. Blog make a huge part of content marketing.

You can blog on your own website and also offer guest blogs for leading publications of the hotel industry.

Articles, White papers and press releases too come in handy to contribute to a successful content marketing strategy.

 4. Video Marketing

Video Marketing is gaining more and more popularity. Hotels can use video marketing for many things.

Hoteliers can use videos to give people a virtual tour of the hotel. Special videos of events at the hotels can be released to promote the hotel.

Videos can be made covering the location of the hotels. Special activities in the hotel, as well as amusing GIFs, can be used to engage users with shareable and entertaining videos.

 5. Smartphone Marketing

Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days. It has become a part of our daily lives and it seamlessly connects our real and digital worlds.

There are many ways which can be employed by Hoteliers to reach their audience directly on their phones.

Dedicated hotel apps are popular and they are preferred by people over mobile-friendly websites.

Text messages and even chat messages like WhatsApp and Viber can be used to promote your hotel.

Push notifications will also come in handy to capture your users' attention.

Trying different ways of Digital marketing will pave the way for holistic growth of your hotel. Pure ITES offers you digital marketing services which take care of your revenue management, social media as well as your occupancy. We offer a lot for hoteliers; check out our digital marketing services for a detailed view.

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