October 31, 2018

Trick and Treat your Hotel Guests this Halloween!

Halloween has come knocking at your hotels' door in a scary dreary way! You are all ready to welcome your thrill-loving and adventurous guests for a devilish guest experience and toe-curling Halloween themed decorations.

But is it enough? If you are a little nervous, here our quick checklist to double sure your Halloween plans for your hotels.

haloween for hotels

1. Surprise (Scare) Your Hotel Guests

It's Halloween! With your marketing and advertising people coming to your hotels are expecting a few scary items here and there. But won't that be too predictable? As we all know predictable is boring. Be creative and daring and scare your guests where they aren't expecting it. For instance, you can hide a skeleton under their bed or arrange props to scare them for real. Anything to add to the spooky festive vibe. Show your guests you are a sport and know how to create a memorable and fun guest experience.

Pro Tip: Do this moderation. Though a few scary pranks are expected during Halloween, a few people may not enjoy it.

2. Promote Your Local Halloween Zones!

Every village, town or city has some haunted history attached to it. Your locations also have one for sure! Collaborate with them and promote them along with your hotels. You can also use it up for scary movies and shows too. Hand the tickets out to special guests or hold a special contest or add them in your travel packages. You can offer them as complimentary services as well. Anything to create an amazing guest experience.

3. Organize Halloween themed events

Perhaps you don't want to give your hotel a complete Halloween makeover, no worries. You can still enjoy the Halloween vibe by hosting a special event in your hotel. It could be a costume party or a horror movie themed event. There are also a lot many horror-based books. You can pick any to host an event. You can also invite celebrities who starred in horror movies or invite writers of the horror genre. Whatever you do, try to make the night a little spookier for your guests.

4. Take the Halloween vibe on Social Media

Don't let your hotel's Halloween vibes stay locked under the four corners of your hotel rooms? Let them out. Promote the spirit of Halloween outside your hotel. Take it out on social media and invite people to participate. Ask people to promote your spooky event or ask them to bring out their scary sides and get scary selfies or dreary Halloween decorations. Use proper hashtags and trends to stay relevant and happening on the Halloween.

These are few things which you can do in addition to your other plans to make the most out of Halloween for your hotel. Pure ITES is a provider of cloud-based hospitality solutions for all types of hotel needs be it of a Hotel Management System, Booking Engine or Channel Manager. For all your hotel Management questions, Pure ITES is the answer.

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