December 31, 2018

Speed-Boost your Hotel Billing Operations with a Hotel Billing System.

Having complete control over your hotels billing operations is a must for the success of your hotel.

Many times things move so fast in your hotel that you struggle to maintain the billing operations.

A hotel billing system can keep you at the top of your hotel billing operations:

Hotel Billing System

1. Multi-Language and Multi-Currency

With guests coming from all types of geographical locations, you never know which is your guests preferred language and currency.

A Hotel Billing System allows you to receive bills and payments in multiple currencies. You also get the freedom to print bills and invoices in the language of your choice.

It can be integrated with multiple payment gateways, so your guests always have their preferred mode of payment.

2. Automatic Tax Deductions

Managing and deducting taxes is also a piece of cake with the PMS Software. The PMS can automatically add the taxes in the hotel bills.

It also helps with adding extra charges or services to the bills. The bills generated in the end are accurate, complete and quick.

You can even give rooms with no charges and complimentary services without messing up the financial records of the services you provide.

3. Seasonal Rate Management

As per the location of your hotel, there must be particular times and seasons when you get a lot of people staying with you.

To take advantage of the rush times, a hotel PMS software allows you to set seasonal rates for your hotel room inventory.

A PMS also helps with yield management which in turn helps a lot with your hotels revenue management.

4. Linear and Non-Linear Rates

As per your hotels requirement, your hotel room inventory rates can have linear as well non-linear rates.

Also, the rate rules are flexible and you can customize them as per your Hotels requirements.

5. Real-time updates across all channels

Integrating your PMS with a channel manager lets you update the rates across all your channels within a few clicks.
This ensures that you have accurate billing rates across all your booking channels be it the OTAs or your hotel website.

6. Seamless Integrations

Integration is among the key benefits of using a PMS system for your hotel. The property management system integrates seamlessly with a restaurant POS, accounting software, Channel Manager and even printers.

You can manage all your transactions centrally using a Hotel PMS software. Even other services which you offer to your guests like spa or breakfast or transportation can be added without any flex to their bill folios.

Along with individual and group folios, corporate or company folios can also be managed with ease using a property management system.

7. Multi-Property Management

A Cloud-based PMS allows you to manage your multiple properties on a single screen.

With detailed reports and analytics for your billing operations, you can track the financial growth of all your properties centrally.

Handling the billing operations has never been this easy ever before.

Hotel Billing Software

Technological updates and cloud-based management tools have become the means to achieve speedy growth and allow you to offer impeccable services to your guests. If you want to have the best of the cloud-based technology for your hotel, try Pure ITES Solutions. Our solutions include Hotel PMS, Online Booking Engine, Channel Manager and many more.

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