October 9, 2018

Make a Fortune During Holidays with These Revenue Generating Tips For Your Hotel

Holiday is huge business hotspots for all types of businesses, more so for the hoteliers. Holidays and festivals make people come together and travel to different places to break the cruel chains of their routine life. These are also the sparkling times when people are generally delighted and in a mood to indulge themselves and their loved ones. They tend to spend more to buy in some extra joy.

Cash on the holiday happiness with these revenue-generating tips for your hotel.

1. Be open for business from all mediums.

Focus on securing as many direct bookings on your website’s booking Engine as you can. Direct bookings will not only increase your hotel's revenue, but they will also open up chances for repeat bookings. To gain the maximum from your direct bookings, you can apply time-sensitive pricing strategies for all your hotel room inventory. Employing Yield Management on your room inventory will be the perfect business move during the holiday season. But as a hotelier, you will do well to remember that OTAs will get you the maximum bookings during the season. Savor them.

2. Sell more to add value to the guest experience.

Make upselling and cross-selling your de-facto games. Upselling could include room upgrades consisting of rooms with better views and amenities. To achieve highest conversion rates with upselling, send out offers in automated pre-arrival emails for the guests. You can also give your guests exclusive offers cross-selling your other services like restaurant and transportation. Offer upsells and cross-sells which make the guest experience more valuable so that the guests can't help but say yes to your exciting offers.

3. Everyone loves holiday deals

People out there are looking for the best value-added holiday deals before booking. If the holidays fall during the weekends, throw in an extra day in a deal and prolong their stay. If you own multiple properties and offer various services like restaurants, spas, and transportation, you can include them in your deals as well. Free parking, free wifi and complimentary breakfasts too make up for a great deal. Personalize your guests deals as per their requirements by using the Guest history saved on your Hotel PMS System. People love deals designed especially for them.

4. Host Parties, Invite Guests

Holidays and festivals are also great times to hold various parties and events in your hotels. Promote you parties as an elite benefit for booking with you. Host events which are charming and entertaining so that the guests have a great time while staying with you. You can also have target specific events at particular hours or different days to please people of varied age groups. You can have children events or happy hours. Family events will also be welcome as most families travel together during the holidays.

5. Offer Pre-planned Vacations

People are busy, and if you offer them a ready-made vacation plan, they will be thrilled to book with you as it saves their time. By a vacation plan, we imply that you offer a guest more than just a room and some food, you offer them an experience. Join hands with your local tourist administrations and design packages which offer a value-added stay for your guests. Include everything you can, transportation, food, spas, invitations to parties, special city tours, exclusive event tickets- get as creative as you can. Design vacation packages and sell them like holiday gifts.

There are also other revenue-generating ideas like having a special seasonal souvenir shop featuring exotic items from your locality so that guests can have a token of their remarkable stay. If you don't want to miss out on making a lot of money and converting old and new guests into regular loyal ones, turn to Pure ITES. We offer the most adept cloud-based hospitality management software which consists of a suite of hotel management tools like Hotel PMS, Booking Engine and Channel Manager. Similarly, we offer a set of restaurant management tools like restaurant POS, Kitchen Display system and online ordering systems. We await your call.

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