July 19, 2018

Influential Digital Marketing Strategies to Double Hotel Bookings

Every business is on the internet today. Keeping your Digital marketing game reliable has become more influential than ever. The world is on the internet, so you have to reach them there. But the big question- exactly how? What do you do to get the maximum exposure and keep the revenues rolling higher and higher? Constant hustle armed with key marketing strategies can help you massively to increase your room bookings and to skyrocket your online visibility.

Here are the Hotel Digital Marketing strategies to keep your hotel rooms occupied and your pockets full:

Hotel Digital Marketing

It all begins with a Website

To begin with digital marketing, you have to come armed with your most important asset- your hotel website! Invest in a website which immediately lets the users say Wow!. The first thing which captures the users' attention is the look of the website. Makes sure yours grabs their attention instantly. To score brownie points over the others, focus on your unique point. What does your hotel offer that people won't find anywhere else? It could be your exotic location, your personalized services or the marvelous ocean view from your windows. Let the world see your glory. The website should also be user-friendly. Nobody wants to waste time on a thing they can't use comfortably. Don't forget to integrate a booking engine; you want direct bookings, don't you? And make it mobile responsive. Because don't we all love booking from our phones? Simplify the experience for your users, and they will love browsing your website even more.

With Social Media, you will be going places

Social Media is another tool to ace up your marketing skills. Facebook and Instagram have shifted their focus to promoting content based on users family and friends preferences. But there's still a lot to be explored. You are now free from the daunting task of posting things back to back like a robot. Now you can be human, write quality posts and actually connect with people on social media. Because in the first place, social media is all about connection, isn't it? Stay fun and engaging on social media and you have won half the battle already. We all want to be associated with things which are happening- so do your business a favor. Be happening on social media. Also, track your social mentions, they boost your online visibility. Plus, won't you want to hold contests and get massive exposure on social media for your brands? Go then, Scribble your facebook wall, tweet that brilliant joke- connect, build and most importantly- entertain. We are all up for some good laugh!

Embrace your Frenemies- the Mighty OTAs

Okay, you might think OTAs are stealing a huge chunk of your profits ( NEWSFLASH- They totally are!) If you are using multiple strategies to increase your direct bookings, go on with it. But you dare not ignore the OTAs! OTAs, unlike you, have a massive overflowing budget to market themselves all over the globe. They can go smoothly go over the top and hire award-winning professionals to increase their realm every second. So what do you do to tackle these Giants? Simple. You embrace them. Dig up all the popular and ever-growing OTAs and sign up with them. You now have award-winning professionals promoting your hotels and spreading amazing tales about your services all over the earth. (Or middle Earth anyone?) You kill so many birds with one sign up- for some cut in the profit and adhering to rate parity. Easy win-win. Don't give up the direct-booking hustle- but off you go and connect with the Giants.

Google Hotel Ads Center- Another Gaint at your Service

If you haven't heard of Google Hotel ads Center by now, you have been probably living under a rock. Brood not! We reach out under the rocks as well. Google Hotel Ads center lets you make bids for placing ads on the search engine. They show up your hotels with all your ratings and facilities in the search result, with pictures, prices, and reviews! What's even exciting, is the fact they direct the user to your hotel website to make the bookings. Take a second and contemplate its impact. I know, it's enormous! And the cherry on the top, you can choose to pay them with pay per click for your ads or 10%- 15% of commision on each booking. You get all this and a tremendous exposure on all the google products- Gmail, YouTube, Google+, Google Maps, Google Drive- you get the drift! Doesn't it sound like your birthday gift arrived earlier?

Reviews Win all the Way

Do you know what we humans do? We explore all the multiple options online, compare all the parameters like price, availability, look, everything. And then we finalize our booking decision based on only one simple thing- reviews! Yes, 92% people book rooms based on reviews written by people on the internet. These many people can't be wrong, right? So get your reviews in line. Flaunt them on your website, promote them on social media and promote people to leave you reviews everywhere, be it Google or Trip advisors. Remember the quantity of the reviews can determine your search engines. So go get them now. Remember the golden rule-Respond to Positive reviews with Gratitude and Negative ones with Tact.

You still have to appease the Email Genie

Emails aren't getting any older. They will still be your medium to connect on a one to one basis with your guests. They are still very much the part of the hotel communication- confirmations, Pre-arrivals, Invoices, or Post Departure! You can use them for upselling and be cross-selling your services. Or get loyalty-inducing internet reviews via them. Ask and the Email Genie will deliver. Plus people would love getting happy greetings from you on special occasions and festivals, with a dash of exclusive deals and discount coupons of course!

Be a brand that cares most about the Customers

Let's get real with this, guests are the reason your hotel business is running. So your first priority should be their well-being. Treat your loyal guests from time to time with special offers and deals. Keep them informed of all the latest happenings of your hotel. Did you get a new flashy technology in your hotel? Surely your guests would like to know about it and experience it in the first person at the soonest chance. Want to keep them coming back? Design reward systems and loyalty programs and treat the members like royalties. And rest assured, they will keep coming for more.

Focus on the "Right Ones" while marketing

We have heard all self-help success gurus stressing one point- Be specific about our goals. Because how are we hitting the target if we don't know what the target is? So stop shooting your emails to everything human on the planet. Sit down, dig up some data, define your target audience and then fire! 75% chances of increased business. Marketing to the right type of users will help utilize your resources and their potentials with the highest result rates. Who isn't up for saving some money and time?

Let the Picture and videos to the talking!

You already know how important high-quality images are for your business. People on the internet love all things which please their eyes. You have ( probably ) hired a professional photographer already for taking enticing pictures of your hotels. But are your pictures talking? No, not the technology talk. Are your pictures and videos talking to your users? They totally should! Pictures and videos which appeal to the users' emotional quotient are the ones which get most shares on the internet. It's high time you stop taking bland pictures and lifeless videos of your hotels. Spice them up, throw in a few magic ingredients and weave stories into them. Was your hotel banquet hall used for a beautiful wedding? Share the happy videos. Do your guests love your ocean views? Feature their love. Are you an exotic magical land hotel? Give the world a glimpse of it and make them want to pack their bags and run towards it immediately.

Pay your dues to the SEO Lord

Your marketing strategies could result in epic fails if your SEO isn't in the order. Optimize every content you produce-be it blogs, emails, images or even videos. People won't book with you if they can't see you. So don't shy away, and show what you have got to the world with the help of SEO. Keep distance from mindless keywords stuffing. Search engines are a lot smarter than before. Use long tail keywords to keep your reach open-ended. Focus on ranking high on keywords that represent your brand, and it's key values. All this and consistent hustle in keeping up with the changing SEO will keep you ahead of the competition all the time.

Using all these tips will surely give you a massive advantage over the others, and boost occupancy in a way you have experienced ever before. To speed up this process, you can utilize various hotel management tools which help you achieve your booking goals effortlessly. At Pure ITES we offer a complete suite of hospitality solutions which includes Hotel Management System, Hotel Booking Engine, and Channel Manager, Restaurant Management System. Get in touch with us to boost your revenues quickly.

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