July 9, 2018

Increase Your Hotel Revenue with Easy & Quick Upselling/Cross-selling Strategies

More and more bookings are being made online now. Direct bookings have become the new focus. Hoteliers are coming up with new and creative ways to encourage direct bookings and enhance their quality of services along with their revenues. Crossing selling and upselling are the two ways which does both for the hoteliers, and also promote loyalty and returning guests.

Here are a few ways you can upsell and cross-sell the services of your hotel.

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1. Room Upgrades

Room upgrades are one of the most obvious ways to enhance your guests' hotel experience. But it has to be done tactfully. Once a user has already booked with you, it will be easy for him? her to consider an upgrade for a new room. Upselling rooms should only happen after a person has booked with you. If you give people too many options from the very beginning they might get confused and doubt your decision to book with you in the first place. Also, always mention the perks first so that the user can clearly see how they the room upgrades will make a huge difference to them.

2. Food and Beverage Updates

Cross-selling can come to your benefit when you can offer your guests services like special food and beverages. You can offer your guests with multiple menus to make a choice to make their preferred upgrade. Give your guests many options to pick from so that they can ultimately settle on an upgrade that pleases them. The most important thing with food and beverages updates is, you have to let the guests actually feel, smell and observe the services first hand to reap maximum benefits and provide the utmost customer satisfaction.

3. Personalized Upgrades

I can never stress this enough. People love feeling valued and special. Fuel that very feeling. If they are a honeymoon couple staying, offer them romantic dinners or rooms with picturesque views. If they are a family staying, you can offer bigger rooms or services which are enjoyable for the complete family. Young guests may prefer late night club services upgrade. Know your guests' preferences and cater to their needs. Aim at making people happy and your business will be blooming.

4. Special Services

People booking online often look for complete packages. That's often what the OTAs offer them. If you are a multi-property hotel, you can easily cross-sell your spas and restaurant services or any other services that you may offer. You can also include gaming, local tourist attractions and other entertainment factors in your upsells and cross-sells. Don't just focus on selling products, sell experiences.

5. Transportation

Transportation is the biggest perks that you can give to your guests. It could be in form of parking or pre-arranged cabs and other transportation facilities. A lot of people really would prefer if Hotels provided them with transportation facilities and they are even willing to pay extra for it. Create more comfortable travel experiences with your services.

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There are numerous ways to upsell and cross-sell your services. You can pitch in these ideas in your loyalty programs or pre-arrival emails and marketing. These services can also be offered to the guests when they check in and if you can continue till their complete stay. Make your guest's convenience a priority all the time.

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