December 24, 2018

Enhance your Hotel’s Guest Experience with the Perfect Holiday Vibes

When people choose to stay in your hotels, they put a lot of trust in your services. After all, the holiday times are special for everyone.

Once they book with you, you are obligated to offer them a remarkable guest experience which will make their holiday celebrations even more memorable.

Here's how you can make your hotel guest experience delightful during their holiday to stay with you:

Hotel Guest Experience

1. Pre-Arrival Services

When a guest books room with you, it becomes your responsibility offer them the best guest experience.

You have to pay special attention to offering wonderful pre-arrival services so that even before the guest arrives at your hotel, they start feeling cared for and look forward to starting the holidays with you.

You can achieve this by sending pre-arrival emails to your guests. You can collect further information about their preferences or even upsell or cross-sell using pre-arrival communication.

2. Arrival

This your ticket to creating a lasting first impression on your guests. You can start by offering them a quick check-in process. Nobody likes to go through a lengthy check-in after a tiring journey.

Another way is to greet your guests with their names and offer a free complimentary drink. After all, it'™s the holiday time; everyone needs a little festive cheer.

3. Stay

Luckily there are many ways to make your guests' stay more delightful than ever during the holidays.

You can host special parties for your guests during the festive times. Special festive decorations to add to the whole holiday vibes will be wonderful as well.

If you are not sure how to make your guests services, you can ask them. Ask them if there is anything you could do to make their stay more memorable. It never hurts to put in some extra efforts.

4. Departure

Asking your guests about their stay during the departure. Resolve any issues or complaints which they might have immediately. This will save you from getting a bad online review.

To add a personal touch, give a small departure gift to the guests who stayed with you during the holidays. This will inspire a fond memory of your hotel.

5. Post Arrivals Services

Post-arrival services can include thank you emails. Thank them for staying with you during these special times and extend a warm welcome for another visit.

Post-arrival services can include taking feedback and reviews as well. It is all about creating a cordial relationship with your guests.

Hotel PMS

Technology can go a long way in allowing you a streamlined and quick guest experience to your customers. A technology partner who can help you achieve this quickly will make your hotel management even simpler and more productive. If you want one, check out Pure ITES. From hotel management system, to channel manager, we provide the best of cloud-based Hospitality Solutions for you.

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