October 25, 2018

Add-On Features You Must Have In Your Hotel PMS

Hospitality technology has come a long way and so has the hotel management tools. Hotel Management systems which were initially used for doing simple hotel tasks like keeping a tally of the occupied rooms, and keeping tabs about the revenue are doing much more than ever.

Right now, an advanced cloud-based Property Management Software can be used to increase guest engagement, increase your hotel room occupancy and even maximize hotel revenues.

Here are two amazing features of our PMS system which will simplify your front desk's communication:

Manual Rate Updates

Of course, the world has adopted automatic technology and so have we! Pure Automate offers you an extensive linear and non-linear rate updates along with Yield Management and extensive pricing strategy plans which can all be done systematically.
But there are times when your hotel may require a human touch for the rate management, and here manual rate updates come in useful.

Suppose you have some privileged and special guests at your hotel for whom you want to hand out a special rate. So you can manually update their room rates which can be inclusive of taxes or exclusive of taxes. You can also add amenities like meal plans in it. All these can be done only with a few clicks.

Complimentary Rooms

Complimentary rooms can be assigned for some celebrity crashing your gates, or if you have some important person staying with you, and you don't want to charge them anything. Or perhaps you are doing some charity by letting someone stay free of cost, you can put them all under the complimentary rooms tag.

If you put a complimentary room tag over a room or reservation, it registers it at zero rates. It may not seem huge, but this feature saves you a lot of trouble and miscommunication that could happen during the night audit regarding the revenue.

At Pure ITES, we offer a complete range of cloud-based Hospitality solution which includes Pure Automate- A multi-property cloud-based Hotel Management system, Booking Engine and even Channel Manager along Restaurant Management tools. We also offer digital marketing services to build your brand online.

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