March 8, 2019

7 Ways to Market your Hotel Using Social Media

Social media accounts have come far from being the medium to stay in touch with family members and friends.

The idea behind social media was to make communication easier and readily accessible. This is significant for business communications as well.

Social media, therefore, becomes important to reach a wider range of audience for your hotel.

Here are 7 ways you can make Social Media Marketing Work for you:

7 Ways to Market your Hotel Using Social Media.

1. Get Direct Bookings from Facebook

Facebook can be your revenue generator. The Facebook business page offers a lot many features which can completely change your social media marketing game.

Facebook allows you to get a direct booking with their Book Now Button.

You can also run paid ads on Facebook. As Facebook has the largest user base of all the social media platforms, social media, there are many opportunities for you to reach to your potential customers.

You can pick your target demographic to showcase your ads.

2. Use Unique Hashtags On Instagram

Being a picture-based platform, Instagram rules with visual content. It is excellent for building your brand and increasing awareness about your hotel.

High-quality images are the key to gaining popularity on Instagram.

Post attractive shots of your hotel and post them around hashtags which are relevant to your hotel. Create your unique hashtags which can be easily identified with your brand identity.

3. Twitter is best for time-sensitive posts

Twitter makes a great place for sharing posts which are time-sensitive. It also is a great place for micro-blogging.

Trending hashtags are a huge thing on Twitter. You can also use Twitter to host contests and polls to increase user engagement.

If your hotel has an entertaining sense of humor, then Twitter is your ticket to fame.

4. Encourage people to leave reviews on Facebook

Google reviews are great, TripAdvisor reviews are even better but Facebook reviews are also a great opportunity to get approval from your customers, increase your hotel brand's credibility and gain more business.

People often share holiday pictures on Facebook, so it is much easier and convenient for users to leave reviews on Facebook than on other review platforms.

5. Entertain and Engage your Users

Sharing news about your deals and offers is a great idea.

Social media can also be used for sharing the latest updates of your hotels like upcoming events in your hotel.

Videos and GIFs are also hot property on twitter and people prefer sharing them.

Aim to offer some form of value to your customers. It could be entertainment, information or anything you get creative with, but focus on giving.

6. Use Social Media as a Customer Service.

Social Media platforms are often used by people to make inquiries or complains. People often talk about their hotel experience online.

You can utilize this to your advantage by reaching out to people who talk about your hotels.

Answer their questions, look into their complaints. If someone posts a bad review, be tactful and ask if you could make it better.

Importantly, when people say good things about your hotel, your staff, and your service, thank those people. Everyone loves to be validated.

7. Make Social Media a place to Build Connections

Above all, don't forget that social media is essentially a place to communicate and built connections.

Use social media platforms to engage your old and new users.

Establish yourself as a hotel brand that stays relevant day in day out. Give them reasons to follow you.

Social media marketing is an integral part of Digital Marketing for Hotels. If you want us to assist you with your hotel management and take care of your entire digital marketing needs, contact us. We offer the best Digital marketing services for your hotel.

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