January 2, 2019

7 Key Conclusions to Accelerate your Hotel Business in 2019

Imagine having a million dollar business under your control. The year rolls by, and you keep doing the same old stuff to your hotel business.

You continue applying the strategies which worked for you in the past over and over again.

What happens in the end? You stop doing business. You fail.

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

You have to make constant efforts to keep the hotel business growing.

You have to keep reviving and spicing it up to keep the magic alive.

Want to get your hotel business moving at a high-speed this 2019, these hacks are for you.

Hotel Business

1. Look for Inspiration in the Reviews

It is an understatement to say that reviews are essential for a hotel's success.

Reviews increase the credibility of your hotel brand. They bring up the occupancy rate and even help in promoting your hotel and your services.

But how can you use your past reviews to get even better in this business year? Of course, by utilizing the content of your reviews.

Go through your hotels' reviews. Find out what is that one thing that almost all the guests love about your hotel. Take it, cherish it, polish it. If your service is excellent now, make it awe-inspiring.

Also, single out the negatives of your hotel. Is there any way you can turn them into positives? What is causing your guest the dissatisfaction and keeping you away from an extra star? Single out the cause and deal with it.

Build your new foundation on the rocks of sturdy past, your business will last longer.

2. Discuss the Positive and Negative Feedback.

Not all your guests will take the time out to write reviews for you. In fact, people are more likely to write a review after a negative experience.
What if you can save your hotel from these negative reviews? Yes, it is possible.

Asking for reviews seem pushy for some people, but people will be happy to co-operate if you go to them for feedback.

A digital feedback system makes the process quick, convenient and effective for you.

Design a feedback form, have it in a device of your choice. Offer it to your guests to give you immediate feedback. A handy tablet works best.

Taking feedback will give you specific points to work on for the growth of your hotel business.

Don't limit the feedback to your guests. Keep the line open for your employees as well.

Satisfied employees are the harbinger of delighted guests and successful hotel business.

3. Make Way For Updated Technology

Technology has already become a vital part of your hotel business.
Be it direct bookings on the hotel website or in-room technology, it is ruling the roost.

Let's be honest. Not all the technological upgrades are helping you.

Do your technological tools need an upgrade? Do you need to change your management tools with the advanced cloud-based Hospitality solutions?

Technology keeps changing every day. Make sure you are using the latest one.

4. Appreciate and Acknowledge your Staff

Imagine you spend a good amount for a room. The website looked amazing. You paid immediately. You arrive with hopes of having a very warm and pleasant stay. But all you get is forced smiles and grumbling staff.

Doesn't that dampen your spirit? Sure it does.

That is exactly what is going to happen with your guests if your staff is unhappy with you.

Acknowledge that your staff is important to you. Listen to them. Appreciate all the employees, no matter how big or how small their contribution seems.

Managing a successful business is more about teamwork. Value your team members.

5. Encourage Customer Engagement

The new year also calls for building even better relationships with your guests.

You can do this by making more opportunities to build social engagement with your guests. You want your guests to interact with you even after they leave your premise.

Create insta-worthy spots at your hotel. Be proactive on social media. Use emails to reach out to your customers.

Dazzle them and then keep grabbing their attention.

6. Put your Data to Work

With the help of Property Management system, you can use various hotel data to your advantage.

Your hotel is a storehouse of data. Sales and revenue reports can help you create better marketing campaigns. Guest history can aid you to offer exceptional service.

You can use the data to make optimal use of hotel room inventory. It can help you design personalized offers and deals for your guests.

Data-driven decisions always yield better results. Make them.

7. Pre-Plan Your Campaigns

Nobody builds a house without proper planning and specific blueprints, do they?

Neither should it happen with your business if you want it to last long. Use relevant data to design impactful campaigns for your hotel. Plan ahead.

Festivals, celebrity shows, local holidays and vacation seasons need long term plans. Watch out for special booking and hotel trends.

Anything that can bring potential guests to your hotel requires precise planning.

At the end of the day, how you implement these ideas is what matters most for the success of your hotel business.

You don't have to do everything all at once. Pick one strategy, act upon it and get results. If it works for you, great. If it doesn't, pick another one.

The idea is to keep moving forward, constantly improving, constantly growing.

Pure ITES can be the technology partner who inspires and motivates you in 2019.

We offer you reliable and advanced cloud-based hotel management system. Our services include Property Management System, Online Booking System, and Channel Manager. We also offer Feedback and reputation management system.

For every issue you have, for every technical hurdle you face, we serve as your shield.

We are the support you solve all your technical issues. Begin this year with us. A successful year awaits.

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